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Stacked Claps – Classic Clap Oneshot Samples & Loops – CONNECT:D Audio
CONNECT:D Audio is proud to present ’Stacked Claps’ ( About ‘Stacked Claps’ Getting a club-ready, rich, warm sound when creating music (and more specifically drums) is often down to the patient task of layering samples. Whilst this process is definitely rewarding, it can be useful to have a sonic palette to draw from that includes a selection of already stacked, production-ready sounds. ‘Stacked Claps’ is a collection of over 300 claps meticulously sourced from various classic drum machines, analogue grooveboxes, live recordings and even a broken Casio keyboard. The samples are intricately layered and sculpted to create more than 100 all-new oneshots, which were then put through some serious gear including Neve preamps, outboard effects and an MPC60 for good measure. Whatever genre you’re making, we’ve got you covered with this outstanding collection, which includes everything from vinyl-style Dilla inspired goodness and loose, lazy organics right through to RNB-infused sounds and vintage house claps, as well as everything in between. What’s Inside • Oneshots – 109 lovingly stacked claps covering a wide range of aesthetics and primed to sit effortlessly in your mix. Layer 2 or more of these already stacked samples to create all-new, fully-formed drum hits. • Loops – 100 loops created from the individual samples, spanning a range of tempos from 100 – 125bpm. Primed for instant inspiration and designed for effortless integration with contemporary productions. Presented in both WAV and Apple Loops format. Check out the full demo and free taster samples here:

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