F9 PURE 909 – Stems & Kits Walkthrough – With James Wiltshire

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F9 PURE 909 – Stems & Kits Walkthrough – With James Wiltshire
James Wiltshire from The Freemasons and F9 Audio takes us through the new F9 PURE 909 stems and kits sample pack (bit.ly/f9pure909). James gives a detailed look at whats included and how you can quickly edit the stems to fit with your own productions. Video Shortcuts Ableton : 2:00 Logic : 12:18 Studio one : 16:56 Reason: 18:38 About F9 PURE 909 F9 Presents PURE 909 (bit.ly/f9pure909) – An exceptional collection of fully mixed and professionally produced drum stems + kits using an original 909 as it’s sound source. All sounds have been meticulously recorded and processed using the world’s finest hardware devices to present to you 14 sets of 909 Beats club-ready for 21st century productions. The 909 is at its core a series of analogue synths and everything produced by the unit except the cymbals comes from analogue circuitry, oscillators and noise generators. This means that every clap, kick, snare, rim and tom sound emanating from a 909 will be slightly unique. Digital reproduction was in its infancy when the 909 was created so even the hats, Cymbals and ride will have tiny imperfections caused by the 5 bit digital playback circuitry. We have worked tirelessly to make sure this is replicated in the stems. Static one shots will never contain the inherent soul that club culture’s most revered rhythm box is famous for and it is this attention to detail that make this collection stand out. Kit Used To Make The Pack Analog processing – Months of experimentation went into the recording and processing of this pack to bring out the very best in the 909’s palette. Hardware devices used in this packs creation include: Neve 1081+ API 512C Pre Amps, Thermionic Culture Vulture (Plus 15) and Rooster, Artec Analog delay, Lexicon 300 reverb, Neumann W491 EQ, Stereo Moogerfooger pedals, Moog MF drive pedals, Eventide Space Reverb Pedal, Sherman/ Rodec Re-styler Stereo Filter, Kush UBK, GML 8900, Valley People 610 compressor, Chandler Lil devil Inductor EQ, SSL XR727 Stereo EQ and XR728 Stereo Dynamics, Chandler Zener Limiter and Manley Massive Passive EQ Check out the full demo and free taster samples here: bit.ly/f9pure909

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