Routine: “I Am Asian Hawk” Vocals + Turntablism + Traktor

We’re excited to feature another video routine from Asian Hawk, who first released a routine back in March that featured his unique style of live

CDJ-1000mk3 Gets Amazing NXS-Style Display Mod

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Convert Rekordbox USB/SD Drives To Denon’s Engine

One of the main hesitations for DJs considering switching to the new Denon SC5000 players is the demands of switching to a new track organization

Over To You: How Do You Back Up Your Music?

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Does Drake Hate My DJ Mixes? Soundcloud Copyright Strikes vs DJ Mixes

In today’s article, follow an all-too-familiar tale: a new DJ’s promo mix, uploaded to Soundcloud, resulted in a copyright strike. Instead of ignoring it, guest contributor

Comparing DJ Music Prices With Remix Rotation

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The Return Of The World's Biggest Free DJ Training Event

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Podcasts for DJs, By DJs

Podcasts are a staple of the 21st century, and many DJs, labels, and radio stations host podcast mix shows. These podcasts can be extremely valuable

Roli's Seaboard Block Keyboard Helps Producers Do More

Post Views: 2 Roli just launched Seaboard Block, a two-octave wireless keyboard that gives you more expressive control than the standard piano

Review: Kado, A Crate-Digging Assistant For DJs

A few months back, a fascinating tool for DJs was released: Kado. The premise was simple: help DJs search for related songs to a