Why SoundCloud Bursting Would Be A Loss For DJs, Producers

Love them or hate them, the online music platform Soundcloud has been a fundamental force in the development of modern DJ and production cultures.

Decoding Pioneer Pro Link: Connect CDJs To Ableton Link

What if Pioneer DJ’s proprietary Pro Link data stream wasn’t hidden, but instead accessible to any device connected to it? In today’s article, guest

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To obsessive DJs, it’s easy to look around the entire world and view it as a dance floor just waiting to happen. But when

Routine: DJ Cable and DJ Complexion Rock the Denon MC7000

Out of London comes a grime, bass heavy routine from DJ Cable and DJ Complexion. This dual performance features both DJs taking turns to scratch tracks, finger-drum

Why Every DJ Should Understand The 5 Rhythms Dance System

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MidiVolve: Max for Live Riff Generator

UK electronic music musicians Coldcut are now offering their MidiVolve tool in the Ableton Max for Live pack store. This M4L device is an arpeggiator, riff

Rekordbox 5.0 In Public Beta: New GUI, DJM-S9 Support, 16 Cues/Pad FX

Pioneer DJ has pushed live a new beta version of their track preparation and DJ software, Rekordbox DJ 5.0. The update is the first major

DJ Track Trade: What Songs Were Winners In June 2017?

We’re back with another edition of the DJ Track Trade. If you missed the first one, the goal is for the DJTT community to share

Pioneer DJ Launch Interface 2, A Rekordbox DJ DVS Soundcard

We’ve been wondering when Pioneer DJ was going to add proper DVS support for all hardware to their Rekordbox DJ software. The answer has come in