Add A Splash Of Colour To Your DJ Bag With These UDG Cases

[ad_1] UDG just announced coloured versions of its UDG Creator Headphone, UDG Creator Cartridge, and UDG Digi hardcases. They now come in black, gold,

DJ/Producer Secrets, Part 3: Struggling To Finish What You Start?

[ad_1] So let’s recap what this is all about: It’s about the dream of playing the music you love to people who want to

Friday Five: How Dance Music & DJing Went Global

[ad_1] In this week’s Friday Five, we’re leading with a piece from The Guardian that uncovers the role that social media and the internet

DJ/Producer Secrets, Part 2: The Biggest Thing Holding You Back From Success

[ad_1] In the last article we looked at the biggest mistake wannabe DJ/producers make – they start off working on the DJing bit but

DJ/Producer Secrets, Part 1: Why There Are No Successful DJs Any More

[ad_1] Who doesn’t want to be a successful DJ/producer? Playing the biggest festival stages, adoring fans below you, spinning your own tunes all over

Rekordbox 5.1 Lets You Mix Lyric Videos

[ad_1] Pioneer DJ just released the latest version of its Rekordbox music management and performance software. Now at 5.1, the update includes a new

Automated Lighting Comes To Rekordbox DJ

[ad_1] Pioneer DJ just announced RB-DMX1, a hardware interface that syncs music you’re playing in Rekordbox DJ with DMX lighting. The RB-DMX1 connects to

Rekordbox 5.1 Lyric, Rekordbox 5.2 Lighting, and RB-DMX1

[ad_1] Instead of just one Rekordbox DJ announcement today, Pioneer DJ has two. Rekordbox 5.1 is out later today, while Rekordbox 5.2 is set

Ableton 10 Coming On February 6th

[ad_1] Just announced earlier today, the upcoming Ableton 10 gets its official release date. The 10th version of Live brings new devices, improved workflows,

Native Instruments Launches, Loops + Samples Library

[ad_1] Wondering what Native Instruments is up to? Would you have guessed that they’ve built an online sample and loop subscription library? The beta